ES 100

Direct Space Humidifier







Smart Fog® ES 100 Direct Space Humidifier

Using our fully automated energy efficient ES100 System especially designed for simple installation & low maintenance you’ll be able to achieve the following without increasing utility bills or compromising safety:

  • Non-Wetting precise humidity control

  • Elimination of mold, bacteria & dust

  • No drains, no pumps or fans required

  • The ES100 humidifiers can be wall mounted or inserted into ducts


  • Maintenance free, no moving parts

  • Fast and simple plug and play installation

  • 4.2 micron droplet size with Smart Fog® equal air spacing technology

  • Smart Fog® Double Cooling technology (Evaporative Cooling and Cold Fog)

  • Non-clogging mechanism

  • Modular system fits to any application and size.

  • Precise Relative Humidity Control (±1%) from 1% to 100% in any condition

  • Conserve Energy and Water

  • Safe! Low operating pressure

  • Eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses and insects

  • Complete dust suppression (any size partials)

  • High Quality workmanship, MADE IN THE USA

  • NO wet spots, Guaranteed

Our dedicated engineers are able to customized the CPLC Controller program to suit your application. 
The CPLC Controller is able to communicate with most Building Automation Systems.

What maintenance is required?

The Smart Fog ES100 humidifier does not require any maintenance and does not contain any moving parts. The only maintenance required on the ES100 System is, replacing the filter elements in the ES100PB once every two years.

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